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PromptVoice, our partners and customers share one goal – to deliver aexceptional telephony experience

Our story 

Founded in 1994, we initially launched as and quickly established a base of over 500 happy customers across Europe. Over the following 10 years we grew this base steadily to around 3,500 customers, mostly in the UK.  In 2013, we set our sights on promoting our service further afield, with a global ambition. 

2017 was pivotal, as we started development of our innovative cloud-hosted streaming audio proposition which was launched in 2020 as PromptVoice Portal Today, we are market leaders in our sector, supplying customers across 60 countries, with an extensive and enviable customer list including many of the worlds largest and most successful companies, as well as many thousands of small customers. 

We carefully select voice artists to be our PromptVoices, and use best-of-breed Text to Speech characterswhich enables us to deliver 300+ top quality options for our customers in over 50 languages. 




A platform You can trust

We’re proud to be ISO9001 quality accredited and to successfully provide recordings for many of the world’s leading telephony platforms, including: