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PromptVoice, our partners, and customers alike share one goal – to maximise telephone experience

What we do

PromptVoice provides professional voice prompt recordings and on-hold messaging through two platforms:

PromptVoice Studio.
Through an intuitive self-serve portal, PromptVoice Studio provides superior quality professional voice artist recordings and music for IVR prompts in over 50 languages.
We collaborate with partners worldwide to provide customers with cost-effective voice recordings, without compromising on quality.

Hosted on Hold.

Streamed on-hold messaging and music is all configured and scheduled via a Reseller or User-managed portal.

Our story

PromptVoice was founded in 1994. We launched as, initially promoting ourselves in the UK and Europe and building a substantial base of over 500 happy corporate customers across Europe. In 2013, we set our sights on promoting our service further afield, with a global ambition.

2017 was pivotal, as we launched both our revamped website and a new name: PromptVoice. We’re proud of this new identity, which reflects our telephony focus and speed of service. Today, we are market leaders, supplying customers across 60 countries globally.

A platform You can trust

We’re proud to be ISO9001 quality accredited and to successfully provide recordings for many of the world’s leading telephony platforms, including: