Free to download messages

Make sure your customers are prepared for the effects of Coronavirus

In an effort to help organisations in these difficult times, we have recorded and made available 50+ general COVID-19 related messages. These are free to download and use for your telephone system IVR, On-hold and In-queue. The .zip file contains an excel spreadsheet of the full scripts for each message, as well as all the recordings in the following file formats: MP3, u-law; a-law; wav. Most messages are available with both male and female versions.

If you have suggestions for other general messages we could record, please email your suggestions to, and of course if you want any specific messages recorded for your business, or want to choose from a wider range of voice artists, then please register here for an account.

  We’re glad to say that, despite the challenges posed by coronavirus, we're fully operational and ready to help you.
  The wellbeing of our staff and customers is our primary concern, so we may have to adjust our normal working practices in line with the latest advice on combating coronavirus. Thanks for understanding.
  You'll be glad to know we've set the necessary processes and technology in place to allow our business to continue to serve you. Even though many of our staff are working remotely, we're open and ready to help.
  In line with government advice on the coronavirus, the school is now closed for the foreseeable future. We will contact parents with information about distance learning opportunities and online lessons. Please check your email regularly for updates.
  Due to the current advice on coronavirus, the school is closed. We understand this is a challenging time and thank you for your patience. Regular updates will be sent to parents and posted on our website and social media.
  We're shorter-staffed than usual today due to the coronavirus, so it's taking longer to get to your call. If using our online services is an option for you, you might find that's a bit faster, otherwise, do continue to hold and we'll be with you as soon as possible.
  To help our community through the coronavirus we’re following government guidelines and this means our restaurant is temporarily closed. We look forward to re-opening at the earliest opportunity and welcoming our customers back through our doors.
  We’re sorry, it’s taking us a little longer to get to your call as we have staff off due to illness. But if you’d prefer not to wait our website FAQ page could help. Or hold the line and our team will be with you as soon as possible.
  Our pub has always been at the heart of our community, so it’s with that in mind that we’ve followed the government’s instructions to temporarily close, to help protect all of us, until we’re through the worst of the coronavirus. 


Click here to download the zip file of all messages.

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Make sure your organisation is ready for the effects of Coronavirus