Hosted on Hold FAQ


  1. Is Hosted on Hold compatible with our telephony platform? Yes, Hosted on Hold works with all telephony platforms, but the exact method of integration depends on the manufacturers platform capabilities.  Please get in touch to discover more (and/or ask your telephone platform provider to contact us). We have a list of platforms compatible for Hosted on Hold that is constantly being updated.
  2. How much does Hosted on Hold cost?  Hosted on Hold is sold through our partner network.  Please contact your telephony provider for details of the Hosted on Hold price plans (and if they have not heard of PromptVoice, ask them to get in touch with us!)
  3. If we have a music track we have paid for and want to use, is it possible to utilise this in Hosted on Hold? Yes, a customer can upload a track into the system (subject to music licensing).  The uploaded track will only be accessible to that customer. 
  4. If we want to play a music track that is subject to music licensing can we upload it to Hosted on Hold? Technically yes, however, there are some complex licencing to consider- so please get in touch if you want to do so.
  5. Can you stream PRS chart music? This feature may be available in future releases.
  6. Do we need any music licences to play the music from Hosted on Hold?  No, we have the right to provide all the tracks on Hosted on Hold worldwide without any need for users to have a PPL/PRS, ASCAP, BMI or any other licence from a music licensing body. 
  7. What languages are supported?  The Hosted on Hold website is in English, but it supports  messaging in over 50 languages.  Indeed, foreign language recordings is a particular strength of ours!
  8. Can a Reseller change the skin of the site to reflect its brand?   Yes...  Whitelabel sites can adapt the .css styles to thoseof a reseller (e.g. font, colour 1, colour 2 etc), and upload the Reseller’s logo.
  9. How many music tracks do you have to choose from? A key benefit of Hosted on Hold is that end users don’t chose a single track (unless they really want to). Instead they chose a preferred genre of playlist that is regularly updated.  If a customer does require a single track, we have 500+ high quality music tracks to choose from.
  10. Where can we listen to the music?  Sign up to our free Essentials package and gain access to our music library and streaming playlists! 
  11. How fast do new messages get recorded?  Bespoke messages are usually recorded within 2-5 UK working days, language dependent, and often much faster!
  12. Where do I get help from? Our services are so intuitive that users rarely need assistance – but please contact your telecoms provider initially, and anything they cannot answer they can contact us for full support.  There’s also a quick start video in the site – which is all most users need to get off to a flying start.

2-week satisfaction guarantee

Our business is built on great customer service, and we want to provide prompts you’ll love. If you’re not entirely happy that the recording is correct or that your instructions have been followed, let us know within 2 weeks, and we’ll re-record it for you.