PromptVoice Studio FAQ


How does the PromptVoice Studio service work?

Ordering professional telephony messages and on-hold audio is quick and easy. Select ‘Register’ for an online account. In 5-steps your audio will be professionally produced and sent to you.

Your chosen voice artist will record your script, and you’ll receive recordings in the file format that it is compatible with your phone system.


What kind of audio can you produce?

Anything for telephony! You can order personalised messages such as:

  • Auto-Attendant message
  • IVR menu prompts
  • On-hold and In-queue messaging with
  • Voicemail and Closed messages
  • ACD Messages
  • ...and many more! 

There’s an option to add background music to any message. We can provide a mix of messages with music as one fully mixed audio file or as individual message files.


Can I create multiple prompt messages in one script?

Yes, if you have a script of several IVR announcements, you simply add a new prompt in the script.


Can I give pronunciation guidelines for the voice artist or a tone of voice direction?

Yes. To ensure that your messages are recorded as you require, please give guidelines using the ‘Special Instructions’ when adding a prompt.


What audio format should I choose?

To ensure that you select the right file format for your telephony/VoIP system, you should check with your telephony provider/maintainer about their audio file format requirements.

We can provide audio file formats for all telephony platforms.


I’ve created my script and paid for it, what happens next?

The script order is sent to the chosen voice artist(s). They work on recording your messages. Next, our team of experienced studio technicians arrange everything for you as per your order and any special instructions.


What is the delivery time?

We promise to deliver within 5 working days.

We can offer an expedited service for a small fee if you’re in a hurry. Please Contact Us to request this.


How do I receive my audio files when they are produced?

You’ll receive a notification letting you know the script has been produced and is ready for you to download. Log into your account and click ‘Download’ next to the script under Home.

If you struggle to find the script, you can use search filters.


Can you help install the audio files onto my phone system?

We do not provide an upload service. You will need to arrange this with your telephony provider/maintainer if you do not have access to do so yourself.

These days, VoIP systems allow end users to upload messages through web portals.


You don’t show the language or regional dialect I need!

If you can’t find the language you are looking for in our Voice library, please Contact Us and we’ll try to assist.


Can you provide bi-lingual recordings?

Yes, we do in certain languages, please Contact Us if you have these requirements.


What is the Voice Guarantee?

Having a consistent voice artist across all your telephone IVRs menu is important. If helps you create your tone of voice brand identity. If your chosen voice artist stops doing voiceover work, or is unavailable for an extended period, we will re-record all the messages we’ve recorded for you through the portal with a new voice artist (of your choice) absolutely free.


Do you offer a translation service?

Yes, please Contact Us if you have these requirements.


Can I purchase a music track only without any messaging?

Yes, please Contact Us if you have these requirements.


Can I create a free of charge demo message?

As all our voice artists are real professionals, not synthetic voices. We’re not able to offer free of charge demo messages for scripts you create. We do, however, have sample voice demos inside the portal so you can hear how they sound.


Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction every time. However, we realise they may be times when something is not quite right. We offer a 2 Week Satisfaction Guarantee to help. Please use the Contact Us and let us have your feedback as to the script ID and what it is you’re not happy about and we’ll work with you to re-record so you have audio 100% perfect, every time!


I can’t access my account!

If you need help with your username, please call our support team on +44 1256 897625 or email

If it’s your password you’ve typed that’s not registering correctly, please use the Forgot Your Password from the main page and follow the steps to reset it.



2-week satisfaction guarantee

Our business is built on great customer service and we want to provide prompts you’ll love. If you’re not entirely happy that the recording is correct or that your instructions have been followed, let us know within 2 weeks, and we’ll re-record it for you.

Every time you use PromptVoice it gets easier

As you use PromptVoice, you’ll build up an easily searchable online library of recordings, default file formats, unusual pronunciations, and regular voice artists. Our system is simple to use, and finding what you need for your call centre or telephone system will soon be second nature.