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There's never been a better time to partner with PromptVoice. With revolutionised UX, and unmatched marketing support, let us help you enhance your telephony proposition.

PromptVoice Portal enables your customers to self-serve bespoke audio compilations, adding another layer of outstanding functionality, and revenue, to your phone systems.
Your customers can seamlessly order bespoke IVR prompts, and create licence-free compilations of licence-free music, professionally mixed with marketing and comfort messages. Your customers choose to have their messages recorded by one of our 300+ real voice artists, best of breed text-to-speech (TTS) characters, or they can simply select from a library of 10,000+ professionally scripted and pre-recorded messages.
The portal is entirely managed by your customers, with changes that can be implemented in real-time, without any interaction from you. Streaming customers can even schedule when messages should play, and choose from entire music playlists for their in-queue and on-hold experiences.
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hat's new in our latest release?
Our latest release introduces a brand new simpler, and more intuitive user interface, and enhances almost all the portal's features and integrations. To help our partners maximise profit, and give end users a first class experience, our latest release includes:
  • Heaps more white label marketing assets, and inbuilt automated emails
  • Newly refined visual design with clearer calls to action, and vastly improved usability
  • Enhancements to inbuilt upgrade paths to encourage more subscription upgrades
  • New APIs that enable integration with your own website
  • Billing integrations with Union Street and Inform Billing
  • Ability to send download files directly to your phone system
  • Refined streaming process for contact centres with multiple queues
  • An all-new library of updated help videos and user guide videos to maximise UX
Why partner with PromptVoice?
  • Compatible with any telephony platform
  • Sustainable, healthy monthly recurring revenue streams with uncapped margins
  • Intuitive customer led upgrades that drive recurring revenue growth
  • Straightforward on-boarding
  • Light touch, white label solution with no ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Rich library of white label marketing assets and tools
  • White label sales people to introduce your portal to your customers
  • Sales and user training for your teams

We'd love to partner with you and help expand your telephony proposition. Why not book a quick demo with us using the form below?

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