Telephony Partners

We’re proud to work with the industry’s leading telephony platforms and their reseller partners. Together, we supply their customers with recordings that make their solutions sound great.

Delivering a consistently good experience across the globe.

Why partner with us?

If you want your solutions to give the best impression for your customer, consistent voicing is essential. And with our network of international voice artists, we can provide the voice they want in the language they need.

How it works

For telephone equipment manufacturers or service originators:

We form long term partnerships with equipment manufacturers and service originators as a one-stop shop for multi-lingual system prompt recordings, demo recordings, UX and localisation consultancy. We help your offerings sell as well around the world as it does in your own country.

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For telephony resellers and maintainers:


Use your Wholesale Discount Code and choose the price you want to resell prompts to your customers.


Invite your customers to use your Reseller Discount Code. Whenever your customers buy recordings using your code, they’ll get a discount, and you’ll get a generous referral commission.

To qualify as a reseller, you must be able to prove that you’re an accredited partner or reseller of one of the major telephony system manufacturers. Please contact us if you think you’re eligible.

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