AI Voices for Telephone Systems

AI voices deliver a consistent and reliable customer experience whether your customers need recordings in the middle of the day, or the middle of the night. For a telecoms reseller, offering AI voices as part of any UC or telephony proposition can provide a range of benefits.

Having been a provider of voice artist recordings to the telephony channel for over 25 years, we’ve long been monitoring developments in text-to-speech technology and AI Voices. Our opinion of it has moved from laughter at obvious mispronunciations; to keeping a keen eye on it; to partnering with one of the world’s leading university faculties that focuses on AI voices; to bringing AI voice development in-house and embedding it within PromptVoice. 

These examples illustrate the current state of the art. 

Raw using one of the best British AI voices:
Human sounding, but some mispronunciations and rather flat read. 


Edited using speech synthesis mark-up language (SSML) and studio editing:
Mispronunciations corrected and more emotion / expression added. 


On-brand real voice studio produced:
Choice of voices aligned with company audio brand guidelines. 


Do AI voices have a place in telephony? 

AI voices definitely have a place in telephony. The major advantage of AI voices is that they are near instantaneous – so ideal for delivering instant recordings when speed is important. But the AI voice engines, though human sounding, do not yet have the emotion and empathy a real voice can deliver.

The range of characters is currently also limited to a few for each language from each major AI voice vendor. PromptVoice offers the best of both worlds with its ‘Use an AI voice recording until the real voice-over is available’ option, where a TTS recording is instantly available but is automatically replaced by the real human recording as soon as it is edited and quality checked.

Which AI voice vendor is best? 

We are often asked, “Which AI voice engine is better, Amazon Polly, Google, IBM or Microsoft?” The answer is that it's different for different languages and dialects.   

The quality of the output is dependent on the engine and the input recordings used to create the voice. The best male Irish AI voice may be produced by a different manufacturer from the best female Irish character. Ultimately there is no global ‘best' - even for a particular gender/language, as it depends what persona you're looking for.   

With all major AI voice engines included in PromptVoice, we offer customers the ability to compare the best of breed AI voices to find the one that best matches the tone of voice they are seeking.






Our Voice Guarantee promises that if your chosen voice becomes unavailable, we will re-record every message we've done for you with a new voice, absolutely free – ensuring complete consistency across your telephone systems. Our guarantee can be extended at any stage by purchasing more credit. Subject to terms and conditions.