Why partner with us?


We form long term partnerships with telephony resellers and service providers as a one-stop shop for all your customers’ prompts, auto-attendant, closed messages, in-queue and on-hold audio recordings. Through our intuitive portal, recordings are provisioned by your end users and billed by you as part of their usual bill, differentiating your proposition and adding a healthy recurring revenue stream to every deal.


By adding our innovative white-label streaming audio service to your telephony proposition, you add value to your service wrap, and differentiate your proposition. You also unlock a sustainable and growing monthly recurring revenue stream with excellent, uncapped margins. In addition, we provide all our partners with expert marketing support, and even offer white label sales services to help you increase the value of every sale.

How it works:

Following a simple, one-off integration, customers access the portal and can order prompts and messages, and choose one or more music tracks. Their selected music and messages are mixed into unique compilations that can either be streamed to your telephony platform, or downloaded.

Your monthly recurring revenues grow as inbuilt smart upgrade paths encourage users to upgrade to access more advanced features, saving you the time and headache normally associated with upselling. What’s more, our wide range of subscription packages ensures you’re equipped to serve end user companies of any size - from the smallest SME to the largest contact centre!

Why partner with us?

  • Integrates with any telephony platform
  • Sustainable, healthy recurring revenue streams with excellent margins
  • Intuitive customer managed upgrades that drive recurring revenue growth
  • Straightforward on-boarding
  • Light touch, white label solution with no ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Rich library of white label marketing assets

Differentiate your proposition and start earning more - talk to us today!