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Professional IVR prompt recordings, and streaming on-hold and in-queue music services that open up powerful opportunities for telecoms and marketing managers and improve caller experience.

PromptVoice is your one point of contact for IVR, in-queue and on-hold needs

Using professional recordings for your contact centre and telephony platform is a small change that makes a huge difference. We support over 50 different languages, making our solutions a one stop shop for improving caller experience.

We collaborate with partners worldwide to provide customers with professional voice artist recordings for telephone systems and contact centres.

PromptVoice has a solution for all business models, whether you are an end user striving to create the best possible impression at your customers' first point of contact, or a reseller looking to expand your portfolio and add a recurring revenue stream through a White Label integration.

Why Choose PromptVoice?


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PromptVoice Solutions

PromptVoice Studio is a self-serve solution, providing end users with access to superior quality voice prompts and resellers with a recurring revenue stream and an invaluable addition to their existing portfolio.

Hosted on Hold takes the delivery of in-queue and on-hold messaging and music to a whole new and exciting level. With a straightforward charging structure, HD music and messages from a library of generic scripts or unlimited bespoke recordings can be streamed on demand to telephone systems and contact centres. The innovative streaming audio and ability to play personalised messages to each caller in the same queue make Hosted on Hold the world's most powerful MoH solution.

A platform You can trust

We’re proud to be ISO9001 quality accredited and to successfully provide recordings for many of the world’s leading telephony platforms, including:


Consistent voicing: Guaranteed
Having a consistent voice across all your telephone IVR menus is important. If your chosen voice stops doing voiceover work, or is unavailable for an extended period, we will re-record all the messages we've recorded for you with a new voice — absolutely free (subject to terms and conditions).