PromptVoice for Contact Centres

Transforming the call centre queue experience 

Traditionally, everyone in the same telephone queue heard the same music and messaging, but everything in the contact centre world is becoming personalised.  Now, using innovative technology from PromptVoice, different messages and music can be played to each caller in the same ACD queue at the same time.  

Treating queued callers as individuals gives contact centres the opportunity to turn 'dead' queuing time into an opportunity to up-sell, answer the most likely reason for calling, or encourage callers to self-serve or use a more appropriate communication channel 

A wealth of powerful functionality to improve caller experience and contact centre efficiency

Premier CX is the leading contact centre customer experience agency and offers an innovative queue management solution for contact centres. eMOHtive provides personalised queue experiences to each queuing caller, which has been proven to reduce caller frustration, improve first call resolution rates, and reduce call abandonment.


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Our business is built on great customer service, and we want to provide recordings your customers will love. If they’re not entirely happy with the recording, let us know within 2 weeks, and we’ll re-record it, free of charge!*

*Terms and Conditions apply


It can be costly and time-consuming if your chosen voice artist is no longer available.  To protect you, if any PromptVoice is not available, we will re-record everything, free of charge, with a new voice (Ts&Cs apply).  By choosing to work with PromptVoice, you can be assured of voice consistency on your telephone system…forever! 



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