Hosted on Hold for Contact Centres

Call centre queue experience transformed


Hosted on Hold Explainer Video


Everything in the contact centre world is becoming personalised... indeed personalisation is a top buzz-word in the call centre world. However, everyone in the same queue has heard the same music and messaging... until now! Hosted on Hold can play different messages and different music to different callers in the same ACD queue at the same time. Treating queued callers as individuals gives contact centres the opportunity to turn 'dead' queuing time to useful time. Hosted on Hold's contact centre in-queue proposition includes a wealth of powerful functionality to improve caller experience and contact centre efficiency. 

Based on Hosted on Hold, leading contact centre customer experience agency, Premier CX, offers an innovative in-queue music and messaging solution branded as eMOHtive® for contact centres. eMOHtive provides personalised queue experiences to each queuing caller.


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