PromptVoice Portal

A prompt recording, in-queue and on-hold marketing solution for the channel

PromptVoice Portalinnovation for the channel 

PromptVoice Portal is a highly disruptive cloud-hosted service that generates high-margin recurring revenues for telecoms service providers and their customers.

Designed from scratch as a channel proposition, PromptVoice Portal is a white label service that, once provisioned, is managed by the end user.  We provide extensive marketing support and resources to help partners deploy, launch and operate the service with ease. 

Selling a phone system without professional audio is like selling a car without the paint. It works technically, but it’s not a complete solution.  PromptVoice Portal enables telephony platforms and resellers to add the ‘paint’ and make their services sound as good as they work, in any global language. 

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Our revolutionary new streaming service for in-queue and on-hold audio takes these services to a whole new and exciting level. But it’s much more than an audio delivery platform…

PromptVoice Portal includes a library of 10,000+ message scripts and recordings that can be set live instantly by end users, and the production of bespoke prompts and messages by one of our 300+ voice artists or best of breed text-to-speech characters, all edited and quality checked by our studio engineers.    

With a straightforward charging structure,  music and messages from a library of generic scripts, or unlimited bespoke recordings, can be streamed to telephone systems and contact centres on demand. 

Recurring revenue streams

With a straightforward ‘per company per month’ charging structure, and a freemium entry option, PromptVoice Portal is a service that telcos, systems integrators and resellers can provide to all their customers, existing and new, and watch their end-users upgrade themselves to the paid package that suits their needs.  

We provide exceptional marketing assets and support to help our partners achieve high margin incremental annuity revenue streams, all with minimal integration work or ongoing maintenance overheads.

The service is relevant and useful for end-customers of all sizes.  The telephone is often the primary customer interface for SMEs, who frequently want to sound bigger and more professional than they are – which adding professional recordings achieves.   Corporate customers in a competitive environment need to take every opportunity to up-sell and promote themselves, and on-hold marketing is a frequently over-looked marketing medium.   At the top end, enterprise and contact centre customers need to ensure every customer contact is brand and experience enhancing.  

Contact us to learn how much incremental revenue you could earn.

Benefits to your customers and end users

Everyone wants to make a good first impression - with PromptVoice Portal your customers can unleash the full potential of on-hold and in-queue marketing to up-sell, reduce call handling times and revitalise their customers' perception of their business.  They can also order professional voice artist recordings to use for IVR menus, auto-attendant or out of hours notices.   

Voice artist recordings are delivered in 2-3 days, and text-to-speech recordings immediately, but the service includes the option to automatically replace TTS recordings with real recordings when they are ready, providing the best of both worlds – speed and quality. 


PromptVoice Portal includes a huge library of radio quality music playlists in a wide variety of genres, which can be played anywhere in the world without the need to pay any music licence or performance fees.  What’s more, the playlists are regularly updated, so frequent callers don’t get tired of hearing the same track repeated on every call. 

PromptVoice for Contact Centres

PromptVoice functionality can also be implemented in a contact centre environment. If you are looking to realise the benefits of streaming messaging and music within a contact centre, you can find everything you need here >>



Our business is built on great customer service, and we want to provide recordings your customers will love. If they’re not entirely happy with the recording, let us know within 2 weeks, and we’ll re-record it free. 


It can be costly and time-consuming if your chosen voice artist is no longer available.  To protect you, if any PromptVoice is not available, we will re-record everything, free of charge, with a new voice (T&Cs apply).  By working with PromptVoice, you can be assured of voice consistency on your telephone system…forever! 




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