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An innovative prompt recording, in-queue and on-hold audio solution for the Channel


Your phone systems provide great functionality, but do you provide all the tools your customers need?

Enable every customer to self-serve bespoke audio compilations and improve call management, whilst generating monthly recurring revenue streams

With a freemium model that offers straightforward subscription plans, PromptVoice lets your customers seamlessly compile bespoke prompts and messages, recorded by one of our 300+ voice artists or best of breed text-to-speech (TTS) characters.

Your customers can either script their own messages, or choose from 10,000+ professionally scripted and pre-recorded messages. Users then mix their messages with licence-free music selected from our library, and schedule when their compilations should play. 


There's never been a better time to partner with PromptVoice. We've just released V4.2 of our portal, which introduces a set of new APIs that enable integration with major billing platforms including Union Street and Inform Billing, plus many new features designed to make the portal easier than ever to manage and sell - learn more.


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We support you to give all your customers free access to the portal using our extensive white label sales and marketing toolkit. Your portal is entirely managed by end users, with compilations implemented in real-time, without any interaction from you. Plus, in-app upgrade messages encourage users to upgrade through the subscription plans, growing your recurring revenue streams.

How it works

Following a simple, one-off integration, customers can order prompts and messages, and choose one or more music tracks. The selected music and messages are mixed into unique compilations that can either be streamed to your telephony platform, or downloaded. Through a billing API, PromptVoice shows customer usage so you can invoice for it in your customer’s usual bill.

Your monthly recurring revenues grow as inbuilt smart upgrade paths encourage users to upgrade to access more advanced features, saving you the time and headache normally associated with upselling. What’s more, our wide range of subscription packages ensures you’re equipped to serve end user companies of any size - from the smallest SME to the largest contact centre!


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  • Vast library of licence free and regularly updated music playlists in many genres
  • All new, ultra-intuitive new user interface
  • Audio securely streamed or available as download files
  • In-app customer initiated upgrades
  • APIs enabling integration with Union Street, Inform Billing and your website
  • Message scheduling by date – ideal for Christmas, seasonal, or campaign related advertising
  • Instantly available prompts and marketing messages from text-to-speech characters
  • 10,000+ professionally scripted and pre-recorded messages, plus bespoke recordings
  • 50+ languages and dialects available from 300+ professional voice artists
  • Personalised in-queue and on-hold messages
  • Delivered through a secure, white label portal
  • Contact centre solutions - please click here for more information about our contact centre services
  • Enables you to deliver a complete telephony solution, and an outstanding caller experience,
    in addition to new marketing and upsell opportunities for your customer
  • Minimal effort required to administer and maintain the platform
  • Easy upsell to existing customers, and a powerful differentiator for new prospects
  • Simple subscription packages to suit any customer


Untitled-3-01-1Learn what these benefits mean for you in our case study of Bluu Sky Connections! Get the case study here


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Why partner with us?

  • Compatible with any telephony platform
  • Sustainable, healthy recurring revenue streams with excellent margins
  • Intuitive customer managed upgrades that drive recurring revenue growth
  • Straightforward on-boarding
  • Light touch, white label solution with no ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Rich library of white label marketing assets and tools

We also offer translation, vocal localisation, and recordings in over 50 languages to help you deliver services that sound native wherever your customers operate.

Contact us today to add our innovative, white label audio solution to your proposition, and start generating additional recurring revenue streams now!



Our business is built on great customer service, and we want to provide recordings your customers will love. If they’re not entirely happy with the recording, let us know within 2 weeks, and we’ll re-record it, free of charge!*

*Terms and Conditions apply

It can be costly and time-consuming if your chosen voice artist is no longer available.  To protect you, if any PromptVoice is not available, we will re-record everything, free of charge, with a new voice (Ts&Cs apply). By working with PromptVoice, you can be assured of voice consistency on your telephone system…forever! 



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