System prompts

We supply telephone system manufacturers, resellers and service providers with a one‑stop shop for improving their customers’ caller experience.

We have pre-recorded system prompts for many major platforms in 50+ languages. And if there’s a platform and language combination you need us to add, we’re always keen to do so.

How to buy

When you register an account and load it with enough credit, system prompts are completely free.

Or, if you’re a lighter user:

  • System prompts are still discounted if you decide to purchase less credit
  • You can buy packages of system prompts on their own, as you need them

Whichever way you choose, active users will always be able to access newly added system prompts, completely free of charge.

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In safe hands


Consistent voicing, guaranteed

We ensure that both system and custom prompts are recorded by the same person. Our Voice Guarantee promises that if your chosen voice becomes unavailable, we will re-record every message we’ve done for you with a new voice, absolutely free – ensuring complete consistency across your telephone systems. Our guarantee can be extended at any stage by purchasing more credit. Subject to terms and conditions.


Always up to date

Our prompts are compatible with a vast array of phone systems, across the world.

As platforms are updated and new system prompts are added, we'll record them and make them available to you, free of charge, for long as you’re using your account.

A better impression starts here

Whether you're a call centre, telephony reseller or platform manufacturer wanting highly professional voice recordings for your platform, we can help.

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