PromptVoice announces unique AI integration

31 March 2023

PromptVoice announces unique AI integration

Yesterday, at Channel Live, we unveiled a unique and innovative new integration with Open AI’s ChatGPT which is set to revolutionise the way resellers provision audio recordings.

The development maximises reseller profitability by drastically reducing the time resellers and end users spend provisioning auto-attendant, in-queue and on-hold audio recordings.

With a reinvigorated interface, end users simply enter their web address, from which AI deduces company details, industry, products, opening hours and tone of voice. Using this information, PromptVoice AI writes bespoke messages, and recommends suitable telephony-optimised AI voices and music choices. With extensive APIs, PromptVoice is compatible with every major telephony platform including 3CX, 8x8, Amazon Connect, Bicom, NetSapiens, Epygi, Vanilla IP, Vodia and Wildix, and changes to audio are live within minutes. Take a look >>

The reinvigorated PromptVoice offers partners access to the latest AI technologies, coupled with full white labelling, and an innovative freemium proposition, through which the service upsells itself, generating new paid subscriptions for resellers with minimal effort.

“Our AI enhancements reduce the time it takes to script, source, record, mix and deploy professional recordings for phone systems from typically 8 days to 8 minutes! With a re-designed user interface, PromptVoice partners can now leave the whole process to their customers,” says Anthony Buxton, CEO of PromptVoice. “What’s more, with improved margins and a Starter price plan we envisage that every telecoms reseller will want to have a fresh look at how PromptVoice can work for them”.  

Get a sneak peek! 

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