Leveraging AI in the Telecoms Channel

27 March 2023

PromptVoice + AI

In channel, we’re continually looking for new ways to add value to telephony and UC propositions, and one technology that has the potential to do just that is AI.

AI can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, automate expensive or time-intensive tasks, and improve communication and collaboration among teams. By leveraging AI, telecoms resellers can add recurring revenue to their offerings, improve customer satisfaction and free up valuable time.

Here are some ways we think AI can help:

Predictive Analytics

AI can analyse customer data to predict future trends. For example, AI can analyse call data to identify which customers are most likely to upgrade their services and when. Resellers can use this information to offer tailored promotions and discounts, which increase upsells and encourage customer loyalty.

UC Optimisation

AI can help optimise UC platforms by identifying areas for improvement and development. For example, AI can analyse call quality data to identify which areas of a network are experiencing the most latency or packet loss. In response, network configurations can be optimised to improve call quality, leading to better service and reduced customer churn.

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics powered by AI can analyse customer calls to identify trends in customer behaviour and preferences. For example, AI can identify which products or services are most frequently discussed during customer calls, as well as common customer complaints or issues. This can help resellers identify areas for improvement and offer tailored solutions.

Maximising margin by keeping solutions light touch ...for the end user, and the reseller!

At PromptVoice, we’ve integrated AI into our white label portal to help channel providers supply a truly zero-touch, high margin solution that is quick and easy for every customer to use. PromptVoice’s AI functionality enables resellers to differentiate their telephony and UC propositions with a truly zero-touch solution – take a sneak peek at what we’re due to reveal later this week Channel Live:

Join panel discussion at Channel Live, From Telecoms to Technology – What are the New Opportunities for Growth in Theatre 1 at 14:45 on Thursday 30th March.

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