How can the channel make the most of bank holiday prompt recordings?

21 July 2022

As August creeps up on us, our eyes are on that much deserved bank holiday. Before we can sit back and enjoy ourselves, it’s important not to forget that we typically see orders for prompt recordings increase by 50% around bank holidays as end users rally to update their IVR prompts and greeting messages. Therefore, there is a huge opportunity for the channel to earn more in the lead up to the bank holiday - and it's not to be missed.

Why do companies update their audio recordings around bank holidays?

Firstly, opening hours, staffing volumes and available services of many businesses are changed or reduced during bank holidays. As a result, normal service may be disrupted so it’s important that callers hear up to date information when they call.

Additionally, updating IVR prompts and in-queue messaging can help your customers reduce call handling time and first call resolution rates. For example, a caller ringing to confirm changes to business hours will be informed of these through a prompt placed at the beginning of the call, meaning they no longer need to speak to anybody. This is a great tool for SMEs who may have a much reduced work force during a bank holiday.

Services like ours also enable you to offer end users a new marketing channel. With PromptVoice Portal, your customers can use on-hold and in-queue messages to advertise bank holiday promotions or celebrations, turning their phone system into a valuable marketing tool.

What's the channel opportunity?

In the world of prompts and on-hold, significantly more recordings are ordered around bank holidays than at any other time of year. We've developed subscription plans that deliver access to all the tools your customers need to prepare their phone systems for the bank holiday, and keep them updated whilst you're out of the office. Our subscription plans include:

  • Marketing message library
  • Text-to speech characters for instant recordings
  • Reduced cost professional voice recordings
  • More downloads or concurrent streams included as standard
  • Healthy monthly recurring revenues with uncapped margins for you

All of these subscription-only features mean your customers require less interaction from you, whilst you sit back and earn uncapped margin from their subscriptions.

We want to help you capitalise on this once a year opportunity by maximising sales and margin, so we'll waive July and August's subscription fees for every new subscription you add to the Active, Entry or Standard plans throughout the two months.*

How can I access the promotion and get my customers subscribing?

Whether you’re looking to launch your portal, or upgrade existing users, we’ve got a whole host of white label marketing resources that have been specifically designed to help you make the most of this bank holiday.

Simply head to the online marketing toolkit, or the resources area of your portal to find everything you need to start growing your subscriber base! Of course, if we can assist you with any bespoke content or strategies, we’d love to help – just get in touch using the form below!

Click here to find out more about our August bank holiday promo, or get in touch to find out more.

Not partnered with us yet? Get in touch.

*Terms and conditions
PromptVoice partners will not be charged July or August's subscription fee for any new subscriptions to the Entry, Active or Standard plans that are sold between 1st July 2022 and 31st August 2022 inclusive. PromptVoice will invoice the reseller for all subscription charges occurring on or after 1st September 2022. Minimum 12 month contract term applies. This offer includes only the basic cost of the subscription plan. At all times PromptVoice partners will be charged for any additional services not included within the relevant plan, including professional voice recordings. Please speak to your account manager for full details.

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