Simplified pricing delivers minimum 40% margin

19 May 2023

Our latest release offers a simplified pricing structure and new, better value subscription plans that deliver a minimum margin of 40%.

Using the all-new PromptVoice, channel partners can easily deploy auto-attendant, in-queue and on-hold audio, at scale, to secure new, high margin recurring revenues with better-than-ever commercials.

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New, 40% minimum margin

Across all our new subscription plans, resellers who deploy their branded service to their new and existing customers by using our freemium strategy, will see the best results.

Our new simplified pricing structure means PromptVoice partners will achieve a minimum 40% recurring margin if they choose to adopt our recommended subscription plan RRPs. However, with our highly competitive partner pricing, there’s still plenty of space for you to earn a higher margin and still remain very competitive. 

The new £9.95/month subscription plan

The new £9.95/month RRP subscription plan is a game-changer for telecoms resellers. This plan includes unlimited recordings and access to inbuilt AI features that help users create bespoke scripts, select music and voices, and have fully mixed audio files playing in minutes.

At such an affordable price point, this plan is designed to provide resellers with a powerful tool to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and to capture new customers who are looking for cost-effective ways to improve CX.

So how will the Basic plan help PromptVoice partners?

One of the main benefits of the £9.95/month plan is that it allows resellers to offer a scalable CX solution as part of their telephony portfolio. The unlimited recording feature means that customers can make as many recordings as they need without worrying about exceeding a set limit. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to frequently update their on-hold or in-queue audio messages and who may not have extensive audio production knowledge or technical experience.

The higher-tier plans offer more advanced AI features and access to a wider range of functions such as message scheduling, voice guarantees, and daily news, sport and weather. By including key features such as unlimited recordings and inbuilt AI features in the Basic plan, resellers can offer a scalable and efficient solution to their customers, while also encouraging them to upgrade to more comprehensive plans that offer access to advanced AI features and a wider range of AI characters – growing their own recurring revenues.

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