The new PromptVoice, powered by OpenAI

03 May 2023

PromptVoice's new AI assistant

A revolutionary new AI telephony add-on packed with exciting new features and unmatched commercials.

From our inbuilt AI assistant and world leading AI voices, to our simplified pricing structure, and unrivalled marketing support, our latest release delivers everything our partners need to stay ahead of the competition and deliver an exceptional UC proposition. Using the all-new PromptVoice, channel partners can easily deploy auto-attendant, in-queue and on-hold audio, at scale, to secure new, high margin recurring revenues with better-than-ever commercials.

Follow our weekly blog series to uncover all the exciting features included in this version release, beginning with all the juicy details of our innovative new AI assistant.

What is the PromptVoice AI assistant?

Designed with the goal of optimising profitability for our resellers, whilst promoting ease of use and speed of delivery for end users, our latest release includes a transformed user interface that uses Open AI’s ChatGPT to make it faster than ever to script, record, and set live fully mixed audio files.

End users simply enter their web address, from which AI deduces company details, industry, products, opening hours and tone of voice. Using this information, PromptVoice AI writes bespoke messages, and recommends tailored telephony-optimised AI voices and music choices, before mixing the compilation.


PromptVoice CEO, Anthony Buxton, says, “Our new AI enhancements reduce the time it takes to script, source, record, mix and deploy professional recordings for phone systems from typically 8 days to 8 minutes! With a re-designed user interface, PromptVoice partners can now leave the whole process to their customers,”

Watch our latest 30 minute webinar including a demo of the new AI features!

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