Why include AI voice recordings in UC propositions?

10 May 2023

In the latest version of PromptVoice, we’ve included even more AI voices, handpicked from the world’s leading providers, and optimised specially for telephony. In this blog, we'll explore why AI voices are so useful for differentiating telephone and UC propositions and how our latest release has positioned them to support revenue growth.

Having been a provider of voice artist recordings for over 25 years, we’ve long been monitoring the development of AI voices. Our opinion has transitioned from laughter at obvious mispronunciations, to keeping a keen eye on it, to partnering with the world’s leading AI providers, and embedding advanced AI voices within PromptVoice.

The capabilities of AI voices have advanced tremendously and as a result, many leading providers have shown how powerful AI voice technology can be when used for creating instant bespoke recordings.

Real-time changes with no tech input

AI voices deliver a consistent and reliable customer experience whether your customers need recordings in the middle of the day, or the middle of the night. For a telecoms reseller, offering AI voices as part of any UC or telephony proposition can provide a range of benefits.

Due to the increasing importance of customer experience in today's business landscape, offering AI voices as part of a telephony solution can provide a significant competitive advantage and an additional revenue stream. As more businesses adopt AI technology, the demand for AI voices from telecoms resellers is predicted to increase, proving itself a lucrative opportunity.

With the increasing adoption of AI technology, offering AI voices as a value-add can be a strategic move for telecoms resellers looking to stay ahead of the competition and provide a high-quality service to their customers. 

How to get the best out of AI voices?

Optimising the quality of AI voices for telephony is crucial to ensure that the voices are clear, natural, and easy to understand, and PromptVoice partners have the luxury of us doing that work for them.

Our high-quality AI voices enable end users to produce natural-sounding speech that is easy to understand. By selecting the best voices from the world’s leading suppliers, we’ve created a flexible bank of voices that can handle various languages, accents and dialects, helping end user businesses stay on-brand.

What's more, our clever AI assistant will make recommendations as to which voices will best suit their brand. Suggestions are based on their company's tone of voice, industry and products - providing a completely bespoke service with no interaction from the reseller and no tech knowledge required.

With the ability to generate high-quality speech in real-time, AI voices present resellers with a real opportunity to add another high margin, simple to deploy feature to their UC portfolio. That’s why our new Basic plan includes unlimited AI voice recordings as standard, but we’ll cover that in more detail in next week’s blog.

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