Free message audio files for Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Schools

23 March 2020

As a continuation of our efforts to support people during these difficult times, we are offering free telephony messaging to all businesses, for use on hold, in queue or on the IVR, as our way of helping you manage call volumes, in these difficult times. Our latest collection includes messages specifically recorded for pubs, clubs, restaurants and schools.

iStock-992782254_phone_smThe effects of COVID-19 are increasing almost on a daily basis, along with the impact upon our working and social lives. The challenges faced by all businesses are exacerbated by disrupted working practices, as increasing numbers of staff are required to self-isolate or work remotely, an increase in call volumes, and the desire to maintain service levels with reduced resources.

As more venues, shops and offices are required to change their opening hours, or temporarily shut down completely, up to date information for customers and clients is ever more important. At PromptVoice we have produced professionally recorded messages for specific business types to use as IVR, on-hold or in-queue messages. Messages are available in a variety of audio formats, to suit all applications.

Click here to browse the full range of free-to-download messages.

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