Hitting the Right Note with your On-Hold Music

28 February 2020

Hit the right note with music on hold

Everyone has different music tastes… some people go gaga for Lady Gaga others love nothing better than relaxing to Bach or Beethoven… and others just adore the simplicity of silence. But when it comes to your telephony experience you have to please all sectors of your demographic which is far more difficult than it sounds.


So here are three things you should consider when choosing your next track.

  • Step away from Classical music?

We all love classical music, it’s a genre that transcends language and is universally appreciated. But let’s be honest, when you put it on your telephony system you instantly date your company. Also, Elgar’s Enigma variations may be a masterpiece when played live by a full orchestra in the Royal Albert Hall… but when it’s put through all the processes required to be played on your telephony system it could become distorted and tinny. Basically, if you can avoid it don’t put full-on classical masterpieces in your mixed productions, leave them alone and choose something like a delightful piano track or a soft guitar number.

  • Leave the lyrics out?

This one might seem obvious, but if you don't have a fully-mixed production, you don’t want a track with lyrics playing underneath your carefully crafted marketing and deflection messages. This is because you audience is more likely to listen to the music and not the message you wanted them to pay attention to. Instead of a track with lyrics choose something that builds and keeps your customer entertained. Also, why not chat to us about properly mixed music and messaging - you may not have to lose the lyrics after all.

  • Get a track that hooks not loops!

Okay so if you have a repetitive track your callers are going to lose their minds. Instead of keeping them happy and zen you will have a pack of rabid, annoyed hyena like customers on the end of line. So, if your track loops every minute change it up. Get a track that builds and has a hook something that gives your client variation while they wait. Also, if you have long wait times consider multiple hook filled tracks to keep everyone entertained because there is nothing worse than waiting for 10 minutes listening to the same 30 second track over and over!


There you have it, our top three tricks of the trade to choosing a track that will not make your customers want to jump off a cliff. So if you’d like us to help bring your telephony experience out of the dark ages and into the bright 21st century drop us a line

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