iComm Solutions Announces Partnership with PromptVoice

18 April 2019


iComm Solutions is proud to announce that it is working alongside PromptVoice, the leading telephony voice prompt supplier. With over 10 year’s experience, iComm Solutions has provided mobile repairs and IT solutions within Northamptonshire. Their portfolio includes smart phone and tablet repairs, complete IT infrastructure and VOIP solutions.

PromptVoice specialises in providing telephony companies with professional, high-quality voice prompts and on-hold messaging and is trusted by some of the biggest telephony brands in the UK — including Yeastar, O2 and BT.

The Vision

“We only offer the best services to our customers and know PromptVoice offers market leading recordings. We are looking forward to providing our customers with bespoke telephony messages as this will strengthen our current VoIP Telecom Solutions.” Attique Chaudhry, Founder of iComm Solutions.

“Our partnership with iComm Solutions demonstrates telephony service providers need to offer a full range of voice prompts and messaging in the evolving telecoms market.”

PromptVoice believes that high-calibre voice prompts are a crucial component of telephony systems that seek to reflect positively on a company’s brand. As Anthony Buxton, CEO of PromptVoice, puts it: “A telephony service provider selling their solution without professional prompt recordings is like a car manufacturer selling their cars without paint…technically brilliant, but a disappointing first impression.”

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