Is the New Year a New You?

31 January 2020

Be something more to your customers.

How many times do you call a company and listen to lengthy or convoluted IVR menus and mundane on hold messaging?

Do you find yourself listening to typical telephony lift style music whilst waiting to speak to a real person?

Does their On-Hold messaging hit home with current and exciting information about them that you’ve not listened to a hundred times before?

For that matter - does yours?

We can help you tackle these questions. With 2020 being hailed as the Year of Clear Vision, isn’t it time for a new, clear experience for your customers?

With our user-friendly PromptVoice platform we provide you with the knowledge and tools for your customers to create great marketing content and easy to understand IVR menu audio for their telephony platform and yours too!

Our PromptVoice Portal provides you with a fantastic white-label portal where your customers can address issues like writers block, lack of time and truly improve their callers experiences. Giving them real upsell potential and reducing caller abandonment. All the while, you earn a continuous revenue stream that requires minimal integration from you.

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