MoreMicro are proud to become an official partner with PromptVoice!

14 February 2019


MoreMicro are proud to be working together with PromptVoice, the leading telephony voice prompt company. MoreMicro offers  A full range of IT services which includes; security and network installations, cloud solutions, software and operating services and business continuity.

PromptVoice specialises in providing telephony companies with professional, high-quality voice prompts and on-hold messaging and is trusted by some of the biggest telephony brands in the UK — including British Telecom, Mitel and O2.

Initial Impression

“The portal is very easy to use, and the pricing is really competitive. The communications we’ve experienced has met our expectations of a high quality online service. PromptVoice will help us to offer a complete telecoms solution to our clients; not just with fantastic functions and features of a system, but helping us to make them sound great too!” Sandeep Bhopal, Director, MoreMicro Ltd.

PromptVoice believes that high-calibre voice prompts are a crucial component of telephony systems that seek to reflect positively on a company’s brand. As Anthony Buxton, CEO of PromptVoice, puts it: “A telephony service provider selling their solution without professional prompt recordings is like a car manufacturer selling their cars without paint…technically brilliant, but a disappointing first impression.”

“The demand for IT and telephony service providers to offer a full range of multi-lingual, professionally recorded voice solutions is evident with our partnership with MoreMicro”.

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