PromptVoice Launches Hosted on Hold

21 January 2020

PromptVoice launches Hosted on Hold for the channel

It may seem early in the year to be considering one of the “most potentially disruptive telecoms innovations of 2020”, but PromptVoice’s new Hosted on Hold platform is already attracting this sort of attention.

As an industry, Telecoms is defined and, in turn, defines those around it, by the degree to which its advances become enablers for advancement among its users. From the days when automatic switching revolutionised how calls were made, to the leaps forward that digital comms and optical networks made in delivering evermore complex inhabitants of the internet. Each advance brought about changes to the way we work – with faster data offering unprecedented online commerce and collaboration, while better connected smart devices make global connectivity a staple of every waking moment.

With each step forward made by technology we increasingly embrace a culture of instant gratification – placing orders at the push of a button which will be fulfilled within a few hours, or looking up information online because it is less effort than trying to recall something we might already know.

And yet, despite smart technology giving us access to evermore instant solutions, it seems that we still look for human contact when reaching out for customer service. In its 2018 Index Report, Sitel said that 70% of those surveyed said that they would rather speak to a human customer service rep than engage with a digital rep or chatbot. In these days when there are more channels then ever through which we can communicate, the majority of us would rather reach for the phone.

Little wonder then that handling large volumes of voice calls is more of a priority than ever for the world’s customer contact centres. Engaging with queuing callers to minimise abandonment, while making the most of the time that callers are waiting has become the primary objective as Customer Experience is identified as a main differentiator in 2020. CX is not just about boosting sales anymore – it’s essential to brand survival and one of the most disruptive telecoms leaps forward of the year is helping to deliver it.

Every telecoms reseller wants the most innovative and feature rich solutions in their portfolios, which is why Hosted on Hold from PromptVoice has generated so much excitement in the channel. Hosted on Hold provides a completely innovative way to deliver the most flexible approach to on-hold messaging and music.

But Hosted on Hold also provides something else that is essential to resellers: a sustainable high margin revenue stream. The partnership models allow telephony system providers around the world to provide a state-of-the-art service to their customers, while benefiting from greatly enhanced revenue streams and excellent technical and marketing support.


Voice Prompts and Streamed On-Hold for the Channel

Designed both technically and commercially to suit a channel route to market, Hosted on Hold platform takes the delivery of on-hold messaging and music to a totally new level. For a straightforward charging structure, music and messages from a library of over 2,000 generic scripts or unlimited bespoke recordings can be streamed on demand to telephone systems and contact centres. The Hosted on Hold service already works with Broadworks, Asterisk, Yeastar, Vodia, Amazon Connect, Genesys, FreePBX, Cisco, Fuze, Sangoma and Natterbox systems and even more are to be announced shortly. Using an intuitive portal, Hosted On-Hold is managed by resellers and/or end users, giving full control of on-hold messaging and providing targeted messaging opportunities, seasonal on-hold marketing options and the ability to manage special occasions, launches and to react to sudden changes or emergencies with ease.

Supporting over 50 languages, PromptVoice provides Reseller and Dealer partnership models that allow for high margin recurring revenues via APIs and white label portals for partners worldwide.

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