News: PromptVoice Portal revolutionises in-queue and on-hold audio

18 May 2021

Enhancing caller experience with improved in-queue and on-hold audio

PromptVoice’s intuitive new platform - PromptVoice Portal - enables users to self-serve bespoke IVR, in-queue and on-hold audio compilations through a secure white label portal.

Entirely managed by the end user, PromptVoice Portal offers a wide range of unrivalled functionality, and flexibility. Users can choose from a vast library of licence free music playlists, as well as 10,000+ marketing message templates and professional voice recordings. Users also gain the ability to record bespoke messages, choosing from 300+ professional voice artists or text-to-speech characters.

This cutting-edge platform takes in-queue and on hold music from a ‘silence filler’ into a perfectly tailored, powerful communication tool, and helps resellers unlock healthy incremental revenue streams from new and current customers alike. The innovative software even allows users to stream their customised playlists directly to their phone system, or to schedule playlists to play at a specific time and date, which is ideal for seasonal or campaign related messages.

With PromptVoice Portal, resellers get the chance to complete their telephony portfolio, and help businesses optimise every call. Simple price plans make the solution attractive to all customers, from micro-SMEs to international contact centres, and PromptVoice’s commitment to supporting the Channel means partners are always provided with a wide range of white label sales and marketing tools.

Anthony Buxton, PromptVoice CEO, commented, “PromptVoice Portal is the perfect Channel solution to complement existing voice services. The straightforward integration and onboarding processes, combined with the intuitive self-serve approach and Freemium pricing model, means the service requires minimal interaction from resellers to generate healthy recurring margins. We’re really excited to work with our Channel partners to help them secure new revenue streams and deliver better solutions for their customers.”

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About PromptVoice:

PromptVoice enhances telephone services by providing superior quality prompt recordings and messaging, and streaming in-queue and on-hold music using its innovative PromptVoice Portal. A global leader in its market, PromptVoice is a disruptive innovator with telco-grade cloud infrastructure that supports the creation and distribution of audio recordings that are played to billions of callers in 50+ languages every year for thousands of customers including global deployments for some of the world’s biggest brands and telephony service providers.

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Anthony Buxton, CEO
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