Personalised on-hold messaging delivers 12% revenue growth

15 October 2020

Papa Johns Pizza

A few years ago, PapaJohn’s, one of the world’s top five pizza franchises, ran a trial with us to evaluate whether playing callers targeted, personalised messages would affect their behaviour.  The results were astounding. In the pizza world, average time to abandon is short… averaging 29 seconds.  Callers think that if it takes a long time to answer the phone, the pizza will take ages to arrive.  The trial tested whether giving someone an appropriate offer encouraged them to queue for longer.  It also assessed whether playing a targeted promotion based on the caller’s profile for the ‘next most likely upsell’ was more effective than playing a random upsell offer.

percentage-1Against a control group, average time to abandon increased by 79% to 52 seconds meaning that 7% more calls were answered.  Similarly, targeted adverts were found to be three times more effective that random upsell messages, resulting in a 5% increase in average sale.  Combined, this produced more than a 12% increase in sales!

Why were callers’ behaviours altered so much by such a small change?  The answer is timing.  The callers were presented with a tempting offer at exactly the right time… immediately before they were connected.  Few advertising media have the benefit of knowing the promotion will be played to the caller when they are most influenceable.  MOH is the telephony equivalent of the confectionary rack at the supermarket checkout, which is the most valuable shelf space in the whole supermarket due to its ability to encourage impulse purchases.  So effective is it that the UK government is considering banning unhealthy sweets from being promoted on these racks as part of its anti-obesity initiative.enjoying pizza-1

With such compelling results, you might wonder why targeted MOH marketing solutionare not more prevalent. It’s because at the time the solution was too technically complex with each shop having its own phone system, CRM database and the messaging system was largely manually administered.  However, with the advent of cloud-based telephony, and the recent launch of PromptVoice’s innovative streaming Hosted on Hold™ solution, these barriers have been overcome.  

Intriguingly, the 12% uplift in sales that personalising caller experience delivers in this case study is greater than the cost of the whole telephony servicelines and calls.  Indeed, some might argue that a phone system is no longer a cost, but a revenue generating marketing application which just happens to route calls efficiently!  Business cases such as this make it easy to persuade customers and prospects alike to upgrade to phone systems that support PromptVoice’s Hosted on Hold. 

Hosted on Hold has been tested with most major telephone systems... please get in touch to discover how simply you could add this often-overlooked functionality to your propositions.



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