The final component of a perfect telephony solution

24 March 2021

The final component of a perfect telephony solution

With staff working from home, retail stores closed and government instructions to stay home, telephone calls have quickly become critical customer touchpoints. Call volumes have increased to many organisations, and contact centre queues have grown in length. Growth in AI, chatbots, and online self-service options have frequently forecast the demise of the inbound phone call - but call volumes are staying strong. Customers still want a real person for non-trivial transactions, and it’s in this interaction that customer loyalty is won or lost.

Callers are spending 20% of total call duration listening to recordings (based on 1.4m calls to SMEs), and in the contact centre world this is a far larger percentage, so getting such recordings right is important, whether as IVR menus or in-queue or on-hold audio. The telephone system is an important customer touchpoint, like a website or reception. Therefore, it's vital that your customers are able to optimise the experience with high quality, and ideally personalised recordings. The chance to provide outstanding customer service has never been more available, but with growing call volumes and queue lengths in many sectors, your customers need support maximising this opportunity.

Few telecoms resellers currently offer this vital final part of the jigsaw... leaving it to customers to source their own recordings. It’s like selling a car without the paint - it works technically, but the first impression is sub-optimal. Why don't telecoms resellers offer voicing? Answer – historically it has been subjective, a hassle, small margin, one-off purchases and not in the comfort zone for most telecom reseller’s sales staff, not to mention their engineers or provisioning teams.


PromptVoice is radically new and disruptive. Delivered through a light touch, entirely customer managed portal, you can leave it to the customer, and make a healthy margin. The service requires minimal one-off integration to produce great prompts and in-queue and on-hold audio. It’s the final component of a perfect telephony solution, and with end-user pricing approximately 70% lower than current market rates for audio services, it’s an easy sell that provides outstanding recurring revenues.

Discover more about all the benefits PromptVoice offers, by watching our short video.


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