Major new PromptVoice release optimises the channel opportunity

09 June 2022

PromptVoice's major UX upgrade

A major new release from PromptVoice is set to transform user experience and optimise the opportunity for all channel players to benefit from providing IVR prompts, in-queue and on-hold audio. The channel’s audio innovators deliver major enhancements to end user experience and makes ongoing management lighter touch than ever!

PromptVoice’s latest upgrade introduces a set of new APIs that enable integration with major billing platforms including Union Street and Inform Billing. Other new APIs allow resellers to completely integrate PromptVoice with their existing telephony portfolio, facilitating the ordering of prompts from any webpage they choose. In a move to reduce management effort for their channel partners and their customers, PromptVoice have also made it possible to implement audio recordings directly from their platform, eliminating the need for audio files to be downloaded and then uploaded into a telephony platform.

A simplified, ultra-intuitive new interface welcomes users to the portal, which is now embellished with a whole host of new call to action buttons that give increased accessibility to the support tools, and vastly improve visibility of the inbuilt upgrade paths. Additionally, further mobile optimisation makes it easier to update audio from any location, like many other key features of any UC offering. Contact centre customers also benefit from this release with the inclusion of refined streaming processes for contact centres using multiple queues.

PromptVoice’s enhancements don’t stop there - a continuous focus of PromptVoice is to make it possible for every channel player to take a share in the opportunity in-queue and on-hold presents. The latest release certainly delivers this with reduced management requirement and, critically, a completely overhauled marketing toolkit. Upgraded marketing resources give PromptVoice partners access to vastly improved white label sales and marketing tools, templates and strategy guidance, all of which have been designed to boost engagement and encourage subscription upgrades whilst minimising the demand on partners’ marketing teams.

PromptVoice CEO, Anthony Buxton, commented: “This development is aimed at both enhancing the user experience, and helping channel partners grow their subscriber bases with little or no interaction from their sales and marketing teams. We’ve managed to incorporate most of the great suggested improvements for our wonderful partners and we look forward to accelerating adoption rates even more.”

Whether you're already a PromptVoice partner, or you're looking to add professional IVR prompts, in-queue and on-hold audio to your telephony portfolio, let's discuss how we can work together to grow your proposition - get in touch!


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