VanillaIP and PromptVoice crack in-queue and on-hold audio streaming

20 April 2021

Superior caller experience with PromptVoice

ProMusic puts the management of callers’ in-queue and on-hold experience in the hands of businesses, who can now schedule tailored messages and music to play on specified days of the week, or during particular campaigns.

This ground-breaking new service is perfect for contact centres and SMEs, allowing businesses to design and stream bespoke in-queue and on-hold music and professionally recorded messages to callers. With best-of breed text to speech options, and 200+ voice artists available in 50+ languages, VanillaIP resellers can offer an add-on service that enhances caller experience.

End users manage and provision this service through a simple, online portal, and message changes go live in real-time, avoiding delays or dependency on IT/Comms staff. This service offers resellers the chance to expand their telephony offering, with a white label, light-touch solution that generates great recurring margins.

In many ways, ProMusic gives businesses the opportunity to turn ‘dead’ queueing time into productive time by:

  • Highlighting relevant self-service options encouraging channel shift and self-service
  • Promoting product upsells increasing average order value
  • Empathetic, human comfort messages positively impacting caller experience and contributes towards increasing first call resolution rate, and reducing average handling time

Dave Dadds, CEO of VanillaIP, said, “We immediately saw the market opportunity for this innovative service. The standard queuing experience doesn’t leave a caller with a positive feeling, being able to use this valuable time to deliver benefits to the organisation is a step change that we think most businesses can benefit from.”

Commenting on the launch, Anthony Buxton, CEO of PromptVoice said, “ProMusic, powered by PromptVoice, is a new concept for the telecoms channel and brings exciting and powerful new features to an area of the telephony caller experience that has changes little in 20 years. With ProMusic, all VanillaIP services can sound as good as they work!”

Find out more by attending the launch webinar at 2pm on Thursday 22nd April - click here to register.

Learn more about PromptVoice Portal

About PromptVoice:

PromptVoice enhances telephone services by providing superior quality prompt recordings and messaging, and streaming in-queue and on-hold music using its innovative PromptVoice Portal. A global leader in its market, PromptVoice is a disruptive innovator with telco-grade cloud infrastructure that supports the creation and distribution of audio recordings that are played to billions of callers in 50+ languages every year.

To discover how you can benefit from partnering with PromptVoice, please visit

PromptVoice press contact:
Anthony Buxton, CEO
01256 897 624 / 07976 938 002

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