Why is this the best time of year to launch your portal?

26 November 2021

November and December are always far and away the busiest months for telephone audio requests as end users rally to make sure their IVRs and greeting messages are updated to inform callers of business hours through the festive period, and play seasonal music and messaging to queueing callers.

What are the benefits of updating on-hold and in-queue audio around festive seasons?

Firstly, opening hours, staffing volumes and available services of many businesses are reduced during the festive period to accommodate celebrations, so it’s important your customers are able to keep callers informed. This enables better management of incoming calls, and workloads, as callers are aware of changes to normal business.

Additionally, updating IVRs and in-queue messaging can help your customers reduce call handling time and first call resolution rates. For example, a caller ringing to confirm changes to business hours will be informed through a recorded message whilst they’re queuing, meaning that their call will no longer need to be handled by an operator.

Services like ours also enable you to offer end users a new marketing channel. With PromptVoice Portal, your customers can use on-hold and in-queue messages to advertise seasonal promotions such as January sales, or invite callers to upcoming festive celebrations.

What’s the channel opportunity?

In the world of on-hold, significantly more business is done in November and December than at any other time of year.

We want to help you capitalise on this once a year opportunity to sign your customers up to a subscription plan that provides the tools they need through the festive season, and the rest of the year, and delivers recurring revenue for you – every month.

How can our partners cash in?

To help our partners maximise sales through November and December, we're giving all our partners two free bespoke professionally voiced recordings for every customer they sign up to a subscription plan during November and December. And what's more, we have a wealth of white label sales and marketing tools available to help resellers and service providers launch this promotion.

What’s more – with our newly launched Freemium proposition you don’t even need to sell the subscription plans. Just invite your customers to log in using the free plan and wait for them to upgrade themselves as they encounter functionality they like. Simple!

Get in touch to find out more about our winter promo, and the white label resources we've put together for you to send to your customers! 

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