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PromptVoice wins two prestigious innovation awards

PromptVoice, the world’s leading innovator in AI and human voicing solutions for telephony, is thrilled to announce its remarkable double win at both the prestigious 2023 Comms Council Awards and the 2023 Comms National Awards. PromptVoice secured the coveted titles of "Best Innovation" at the Comms Council Awards and "Best Supplier Innovation" at the Comms National Awards on the very same day.

The PromptVoice Team

PromptVoice announced as an 8x8 certified partner

PromptVoice, provider of bespoke professional audio recordings, is proud to have been selected by 8x8 as a certified partner for the launch of their new Technology Partner Ecosystem.

The PromptVoice Team

Simplified pricing delivers minimum 40% margin

Our latest release offers a simplified pricing structure and new, better value subscription plans that deliver a minimum margin of 40%.

The PromptVoice Team

Why include AI voice recordings in UC propositions?

In the latest version of PromptVoice, we’ve included even more AI voices, handpicked from the world’s leading providers, and optimised specially for telephony. In this blog, we'll explore why AI voices are so useful for differentiating telephone and UC propositions and how our latest release has positioned them to support revenue growth.

The PromptVoice Team

The new PromptVoice, powered by OpenAI

A revolutionary new AI telephony add-on packed with exciting new features and unmatched commercials.

The PromptVoice Team

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