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Delivering best in channel marketing resources

We’ve partnered with leading channel marketing specialists, GetCrisp, to create a discounted marketing support package that enables resellers to generate healthy recurring revenues from the sale of their in-queue and on-hold audio add-on, with very little effort.

The PromptVoice Team

How can channel resellers secure additional monthly recurring revenues?

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) can help you make budgeting decisions, predict business growth, and decrease volatility. There are several ways to increase monthly recurring revenue, and expand your business to start gathering MRR streams. We sat down with our Head of Channel, Laura Maddocks to discuss the ways channel resellers can grow their monthly recurring revenue streams, and the benefits of doing so.

The PromptVoice Team

How can the channel make the most of bank holiday prompt recordings?

As August creeps up on us, our eyes are on that much deserved bank holiday. Before we can sit back and enjoy ourselves, it’s important not to forget that we typically see orders for prompt recordings increase by 50% around bank holidays as end users rally to update their IVR prompts and greeting messages. Therefore, there is a huge opportunity for the channel to earn more in the lead up to the bank holiday - and it's not to be missed.

The PromptVoice Team

CX is a key business focus, but why does that matter to the telecoms channel?

A recent survey of almost 2,000 business professionals found that customer experience is the number one focus for almost 46% of businesses,1 but how can telecoms and IT resellers take a share in their spend?

A phone system is much more than a call routing technology, for most businesses it’s a critical customer touch point. Our 2020 study concluded that callers to SMEs spend 20% of call time on hold and, as the provider of their telephony infrastructure, you determine how your customers can utilise this time.

The PromptVoice Team

Major new PromptVoice release optimises the channel opportunity

A major new release from PromptVoice is set to transform user experience and optimise the opportunity for all channel players to benefit from providing IVR prompts, in-queue and on-hold audio. The channel’s audio innovators deliver major enhancements to end user experience and makes ongoing management lighter touch than ever!

The PromptVoice Team

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