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The PromptVoice team share their insights into multi-lingual recordings for contact centres and telephony systems.

How to Do Compliance Messaging

Compliance messaging.  It’s funny how these two little words can make a huge impact on your customers’ telephony experience.

Megan Lockhurst

Audio Brand Values – choosing the right voice for your Company

Your organisation may know the benefits of having an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system to manage incoming customer calls but have you considered that it’s also a golden opportunity to enhance your audio branding and personality? The voice that customers hear when they call should be the right voice for your organisation, one that matches and demonstrates your brand.

Laura Maddocks

Exciting times ahead for X2 Communications after partnering with PromptVoice!

X2 Communications Ltd is pleased to announce a partnership with PromptVoice, the leading telephony voice prompt company. They are the UK distributor for Yeastar IP PBX’s and gateways.  The Yeastar S-Series is a cost effective IP PBX solution for SME users.

Laura Maddocks

Clichés - avoid them like the Plague

Clichés are easy to use - it’s a no brainer, right? A clever twist of words that gets across what you want to say?

Tom King

Best Practices for Writing IVRs

Our six-point guide will empower you to write great IVR recordings for your telephone messaging. Whether it’s an auto attendant, out of hours or voicemail prompt; following these best practices to keep your callers engaged and informed.

Laura Maddocks

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