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Why is this the best time of year to launch your portal?

November and December are always far and away the busiest months for telephone audio requests as end users rally to make sure their IVRs and greeting messages are updated to inform callers of business hours through the festive period, and play seasonal music and messaging to queueing callers.

The PromptVoice Team

Major new PromptVoice release transforms channel opportunities

Innovation and development are truly at the heart of what we do and the latest version release, being rolled out to resellers over the next few months, introduces a wealth of new tools and benefits that will enable all channel players to complete their portfolios and secure additional margin. 

The PromptVoice Team

Case study: Bluu Sky Connections

Bluu Sky Connections’ mission is to help businesses in Derby and Nottingham understand the complicated world of communications. As well as providing first class business telephony solutions, they were seeking a technology that could add the finishing touches to the way their systems sound.

The PromptVoice Team

What's different about streaming?

Do you remember in the olden days when we bought CDs, tapes or even vinyl? The market for such audio storage has plummeted, with only music purists persisting on buying them under the perception that vinyl music (indiscernibly to most) sounds better. But how or why could the streaming audio revolution benefit telecoms resellers and their customers when it comes to the delivery of on-hold and in-queue marketing on telephone systems?

The PromptVoice Team

Can you tell the difference between Text-to-Speech and real voices?

The adoption of virtual assistants (Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Cortana) has been staggering over the last two years. Alongside the AI used to understand the questions asked of them, there has been a vast improvement in the Text to Speech (TTS) used to deliver the answers. TTS has moved from being ‘intelligible but robotic’ to sounding human. But is that good enough, or is there a higher level of humanness that your customers are looking for?

The PromptVoice Team

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