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The PromptVoice team share their insights into multi-lingual recordings for contact centres and telephony systems.

5 Key Benefits of Professionally Voiced IVR

We’ve all been on hold and experienced a mellifluous voice telling us to “dial 1 for accounts” or “please hold for all other enquiries”, but often business leaders are unaware of just how important the right voice can be. The quality of your telephone messaging can often be the difference between a positive customer experience and one that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. What’s more, using professional voice prompts can deliver important benefits to customer and business alike, here are the top 5.  

Anthony Buxton

VoiceStudio rebrands as PromptVoice

VoiceStudio is delighted to reveal we have rebranded to PromptVoice. We enter 2018 with a new name, a revamped website and a lot of excitement for what the year ahead holds!
Back in 1994 we launched as, initially focusing on the UK and Europe where we built a vast customer base. In 2018 we set our sights on promoting our service further afield with a new global ambition.

Anthony Buxton

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