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The PromptVoice team share their insights into multi-lingual recordings for contact centres and telephony systems.

How to Create the Best Telephony Experience for Your Customers

Giving your customers a positive telephony experience is essential for building brand loyalty, trust, and providing great customer service. But how should you go about designing a telephony system that'll leave your customers singing your praises? Here we outline the steps required to take your telephony system from zero to hero.

Anthony Buxton

How to Keep Your Voice Prompts Human in a Digital World

Reaching out to others and working together has led to the creation of the advanced societies we live in today. But as the world grows increasingly technological, it's easy to forget that being human, and treating customers as individuals with their own needs and desires, matters now more than ever.

Anthony Buxton

What Does HD Audio Mean for IVR Prompts?

Dead-air, distortion, irregular volume, muffled audio. No doubt you’ve experienced at least one of these examples of sub-par telephony audio, perhaps you’ve even encountered them all. And when you did, it probably put a real dampener on the whole experience – impacting your impression of the organisation. Thankfully, in the face of a widespread roll-out of HD audio across telephony networks, such disruptions are a thing of the past… right?

Kevin O'Connor

4 Localization Challenges Facing Telephony Vendors in 2018 and Beyond

In the world of telephony, customers expect to be treated as individuals. In 2018, resellers, especially cloud-based, are seeking to get an early-mover advantage by launching in new geographic markets. However, many are launching without addressing localization issues, and this serves only to spoil the initial impact. Here we outline some of the challenges that resellers are facing in 2018 and the steps they can take to overcome them.

Martin Ellerbeck

5 Key Benefits of Professionally Voiced IVR

We’ve all been on hold and experienced a mellifluous voice telling us to “dial 1 for accounts” or “please hold for all other enquiries”, but often business leaders are unaware of just how important the right voice can be. The quality of your telephone messaging can often be the difference between a positive customer experience and one that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. What’s more, using professional voice prompts can deliver important benefits to customer and business alike, here are the top 5.  

Anthony Buxton

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